Bereket . Implied meaning blessing.

We have embarked on a new journey with the launch of which is an online shop.

With its introduction, we wish to become the choice of blessing in your life. 

Bring Bereket to your life.


We offer a wide array of services such as online food order, home delivery, Turkish specialties, traditional desserts, Chinese exquisite gifts, wedding party planning and much more.

We have and will continue to launch our flagship products on a regular basis.

Our recent ace product is a popular dish in entire Turkey called : Çiğ köfte. 

We are pleased to promote this healthy and lovely yet mouth-watering vegetarian food to more Canadian tables.


Our endeavour is to add color to your life and to promote more beautiful things to this multicultural land of Canada. We promise to be with you when you ask for our services.


We look forward to you visiting  our simple, easy to follow website to know more, and also encourage you to register with us as a member so we could continuously update you about our coming products and growth.


Choose 💐

Bring Bereket in your life! ❤